Powerball Popularity Skyrockets As Jackpot Hits $570 Million

Posted on September 28, 2021

Another Powerball drawing has come and gone without a new multi-million dollar winner crowned.

The jackpot has now risen to an estimated $570 million ahead of Wednesday’s upcoming drawing, making it the eighth-largest Powerball sum in the game’s history.

The large jackpot has more people than ever playing the Tennessee Lottery.

Powerball mania sweeps Tennessee

Odds of winning the jackpot may be one in 292 million, but that doesn’t stop eager Tennesseans from vying for their piece of the dream.

Powerball excitement has skyrocketed in recent weeks, due in large part to the game’s exceptionally large current jackpot, which sits at a take-home value of roughly $410.1 million after applicable taxes and fees.

Of course, the exact payout depends on a variety of factors, including whether a winner collects earnings in the form of an annuity or as one lump sum.

Options when purchasing a Powerball ticket

Before buying a ticket, it’s important to know the basics about how to play Powerball.

Players take part in this drawing-style game by purchasing a ticket comprised of six total numbers. The first five numbers range from 1-69. The sixth and final series number – the Powerball number – ranges from 1-26.

Participants can either select these six numbers manually by filling out a payslip or have a computer randomly generate the numbers via Quick Pick.

Each play then coincides with a particular drawing date and has the potential of qualifying for one of nine cash prizes:

Matching NumbersWinning Amount
All 5 numbers & Powerball numberJACKPOT
All 5 numbers$1 Million
Any 4 of first 5 & Powerball number$50,000
Any 4 of first 5$100
Any 3 of first 5 & Powerball number$100
Any 3 of first 5$7
Any 2 of first 5 & Powerball number$7
Any 1 of first 5 & Powerball number$5
Powerball number only$4

Those who wish for their ticket to apply to more than one drawing can opt in for Multi-Draw and play up to 10 consecutive drawings.

Then, there comes the option of adding the Power Play and Double Play features.

Power Play and Double Play add-ons

After selecting numbers, players have the opportunity to multiply any potential winnings through Power Play. This add-on is available for an additional $1 per play, and winnings are multiplied as follows:

Matching NumbersPower Play of 2Power Play of 3Power Play of 4
All 5 of 5 numbers & Powerball numberN/AN/AN/A
All 5 of first 5 numbers$2 Million$2 Million$2 Million
Any 4 of 5 & Powerball$100,000$150,000$200,000
Any 4 of 5$200$300$400
Any 3 of 5 & Powerball$200$300$400
Any 3 of 5$14$21$28
Any 2 of 5 & Powerball$14$21$28
Any 1 of 5 & Powerball$8$12$16
Powerball only$8$12$16

Beginning in late August, the Double Play feature was also added to the game. Those who opt-in give their Powerball numbers a second life for another $1 per play.

This second nightly drawing is held directly after Powerball drawings on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights.

Players use the same set of numbers for both drawings. And much like Powerball, participants have the chance to win one of nine cash prizes. The top prize in this scenario, however, is $10 million:

Matching NumbersWinning Amount
All 5 of 5 & Powerball number$10 Million
All 5 of 5 numbers$500,000
Any 4 of first 5 & Powerball number$50,000
Any 4 of first 5 numbers$500
Any 3 of 5 & Powerball number$500
Any 3 of 5$20
Any 2 of 5 & Powerball number$20
Any 1 of 5 & Powerball number$10
Powerball number only$7

Four different tier levels exist when purchasing a Powerball ticket:

  • $2 base Powerball ticket
  • $3 Powerball with Power Play ticket
  • $3 Powerball with Double Play ticket
  • $4 Powerball with Power Play and Double Play ticket

Checking your winning Powerball ticket in Tennessee

Powerball drawings are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evening at 9:59 CT/10:59 ET.

In addition to the live drawing, there are a handful of other ways to verify numbers.

Players can scan their ticket and check past drawings by using the TN Lottery App found in the Apple app store and in Google Play.

Participating retail outlets can also assist with confirming tickets.

Any winnings must then be claimed within 180 days of the drawing date.

Those interested in their own chance at the jackpot can purchase a ticket before the next drawing, which takes place this Wednesday, Sept. 29.

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