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DraftKings Marketplace NFT

DraftKings Marketplace NFT Buying Guide

Digital NFTs are the gambling of the future, and one sportsbook is leading the charge. DraftKings Sportsbook is offering players a new way to wager on their favorite athlete with the DraftKings Marketplace. Navigating the DraftKings Marketplace What began as a small platform featuring a handful of different athletes has now evolved into a budding […]
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DraftKings Metabilia Acuna

Metabilia Introduces Vlad & Acuna To DraftKings Marketplace

DraftKings Marketplace is gearing up for a home run MLB season, offering sports fans a unique new way to invest in their favorite athletes. Memorabilia and NFT company Metabilia is the latest brand at bat, partnering with DraftKings Marketplace for an exclusive launch. The second release of the collection drops this Wednesday and features Atlanta […]
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