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Draftkings Sportsbook
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DraftKings is one of the leading daily fantasy sports (DFS) companies in the US. It has experienced an incredible rise in popularity since its formation in 2012.

Available widely, DraftKings daily fantasy sports is legal in the majority of states, including Tennessee.

DraftKings allows customers to compete against other players by picking their ideal team roster. As well as the DFS site, DraftKings offers a sportsbook app in several states.

The introduction of the Tennessee Sports Gaming Act (HB0001/SB0016) in May 2019 will surely see the company try and move into sports betting in the state imminently.

Our review of DraftKings in Tennessee details its DFS and sports betting offerings. To start, we review the DFS side, including bonuses, banking options, and the mobile app.

Then, based on the existing sports betting site in New Jersey, we detail the similar potential offerings for Tennessee.

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DraftKings DFS: Welcome bonus

As a new DraftKings player, you can enjoy a bonus of $20 on your first deposit of at least $5 when you sign up here.

Players who enjoy a recreational betting experience will surely welcome the opportunity to give their DraftKings account a cash boost via this deposit bonus offer. Furthermore, no promo code is required to receive the funds.

New players have until the end of the year to claim this bonus.


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Other bonuses, promotions at DraftKings Sportsbook

It’s a sure thing that when the law allows sports betting in Tennessee, a number of sites will be competing for players, leading to some generous bonus offers.

If DraftKings TN follows the same bonus offer as the one currently being offered for its daily fantasy sports, then players can expect $20 in free bonus cash on their first deposit of at least $5. The expiration date on this offer is December 31, 2019

DraftKings regularly updates its promotions page with special offers, including odds boosts, parlay insurance and seasonal offers based around the significant sports.

Crown Rewards for existing players

As a DraftKings customer, you can enjoy the Crown Rewards loyalty scheme.

For every dollar spent entering contests, you earn “crowns.” If you enter contests of $100 or more in any given month, you’ll be eligible for daily rewards the following month.

The reward system has six tiers (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and black) with increasing rewards as you climb each level.

DraftKings DFS: Create an account

Signing up at DraftKings is a simple process.

Perhaps the easiest method is if you’re a member of Facebook. You can simply click on the Facebook link, and you’ll be signed up within seconds. Furthermore, future logins are just as simple.

The other method is a more traditional one.

DraftKings will ask for your email address and a password as well as some basic information, such as your birthdate and home address.

Also, you can sign up through the DraftKings mobile app.

DraftKings Tennessee: Website and usability

Upon entering the DraftKings website, you’ll see all the upcoming contests in detail. The featured events are automatically selected, while the lower menu bar allows you to filter the action, sport by sport.

The early days of DraftKings saw a concentration on the major leagues, while today, the selection is wide-ranging across many sports.

When you click on a specific sport, you’ll find a long list of related events. Then, you can filter these using the column on the left-hand side. By entering a range of entry fees and the event type, you’ll only see a smaller, more manageable list.

You can click on any of the events to see a pop-up that details everything you need to know about the contest.

The “Contest Details” tab tells you who the current contestants are, a breakdown of the prize pool and exactly how much you’ll win for every position.

The “Rules and Scoring” will tell you exactly how you (or your selected players) will earn those all-important points.

If you like what you see, you can go ahead and enter a contest by clicking on “Draft Team.”

You’re now into the nitty-gritty of the site, where you’ll assemble your squad. You see a list of the available players along with some info regarding previous performances. Clicking on any player will bring up a page of detailed information, which is perfect for those stat-lovers out there.

DraftKings: Countdown to the next contest

A clock in the top right-hand corner has a countdown telling you exactly when the contest will go live. Be aware of this if you’re entering the contest late.

Having entered a contest, you can track your progress using the menu bar at the top of the page.

Here, you can check your lineups before the contest goes live, your contests and any leagues.

The menu bar also features DraftKings’ rewards and promos.

Types of contests at DraftKings DFS in Tennessee

You’ll find a range of tournament types available, where you could find yourself up against a single opponent or thousands. Here is a breakdown of the type of events you can enter:

Events available

  • Tournaments: A tournament will set you up against many other players (the maximum number of players in any tournament is listed). The prize pool will be awarded to a percentage of the field, with the major prizes awarded at the very top end. Tournaments are ideal for those players who enjoy the opportunity of winning a big prize for a relatively small outlay in comparison.
  • 50/50s: These run in the same way as the standard tournaments except for the prizes. When you enter these events, your aim is simply to finish in the top 50%, where you’ll double your initial outlay. If you finish first, or anywhere in the top 50%, you’ll receive the same prize.
  • Head-to-Heads: Enter a head-to-head contest and you’ll find yourself in a one-on-one contest. You can enter these against friends or set your challenge (choose your buy-in, sport, event and challenge someone to take you on).
  • Satellites and Qualifiers: These are tournaments where instead of winning a cash prize, you’ll earn yourself entry into another (bigger) tournament. Playing a qualifier can be the perfect way to enter a big-money event without spending that big money.
  • Leagues: Players will have the option to form leagues with friends, while other leagues are open to anyone. These act in the same way as the tournaments, although they are usually smaller in size. There are options to have ongoing leagues that take place on a regular basis.
  • Multiples Tournaments: Similar to the 50/50 format, you might find an event where a third of the field will win a prize of 33% of the total prize fund, along with other similar contests.

List of DFS sports at DraftKings

The list of sports available at DraftKings is an ever-expanding one due to DFS now having a global reach. Here’s a list of all sports that are available:

  • Baseball: MLB
  • Basketball: NBA, college hoops and Euro League
  • Football: NFL, college season, CFL and Arena Football League
  • Golf: PGA Tour and the Majors
  • Tennis
  • Soccer: MLS and major European leagues
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Online gaming: Currently featuring League of Legends

DraftKings Sportsbook

Currently, DraftKings Sportsbook is only accessible in New Jersey, but the site will likely be available in Tennessee in the near future.

We anticipate that the Tennessee site will operate in the same way as the New Jersey offers, so here is a preview of what you can expect.

Unlike DFS, where you are competing against other players to gain the most points, at the sportsbook you’ll be playing directly against the house.

Traditional popular bets such as moneylines, point spreads and totals are available, alongside bets such as parlays and futures.

Range of bets at DraftKings Sportsbook

At DraftKings, you’ll find the most common bets that you would find at a sportsbook in Las Vegas.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular wagers:

  • Moneyline: Place a bet on a team or player to win the event.
  • Point Spread: The underdog is given a point boost. Which side will beat the spread?
  • Totals: Predict whether the total game points or goals is over/under a given total.
  • Parlays: Pick a series of selections and they all must win. The wager is good if you like the chance to win big for a small stake.
  • Teasers: A type of parlay where the spreads can move around in favor of one side or the other.
  • Prop Bets: These are bets on individual events within a game, e.g., a single player’s performance in an event.
  • Period Bets: Wager on the score in an individual quarter/half/period.
  • Futures: Long-term bets on an entire season, e.g., bets made on the winners of the Super Bowl or NBA championship winners early in the season.

The live, in-play betting at DraftKings allows you to bet on a game while it is happening. In-play betting is a fast-paced and popular form of betting, ideal if you are watching the action unfold.

DraftKings Sportsbook layout and usability

On the homepage of DraftKings Sportsbook, you’ll find a selection of the biggest upcoming events.

The markets and the odds fill the screen apart from a column on the right-hand side where you’ll find the bet slip. Make any selections and the bet slip will fill in.

Navigation from sport to sport takes place on the lower menu bar. Here, you’ll find a list of the more popular sports and leagues. For a full list, you can head to the A-Z sports drop-down menu.

The upper menu bar takes you to your bets, live betting and promotions, as well as betting pools, the casino and flash bets (where you can place point-by-point wagers in sports like tennis).

In the top right-hand corner of the page, you can opt to choose your favorite odds format: decimal, fractional or the default American option.

Range of sports options at DraftKings Sportsbook

Within DraftKings Sportsbook, you’ll find an incredible amount of action.

There’s an obvious focus on the leagues, including a range of bets and markets available on every game, along with futures bets.

The start of the NFL season, in particular, is always a busy time for sportsbooks, and this is when you’ll find some of the best offers available. DraftKings will be no different.

Sports, such as golf and tennis, are comprehensively covered, as well as a range of other international sports including cricket, rugby, cycling and Australian rules football.

Banking options at DraftKings Tennessee

With DraftKings being fully regulated within Tennessee, there are few restrictions on deposit methods.

You can use debit and credit cards to fund your account, with Visa, Mastercard and Discover all popular options.

PayPal is also a good option, especially if you’re a player who likes to keep your DFS account and your bank account apart. However, PayPal does charge a small fee.

Due to the know your customer (KYC) regulations in place, you will have to provide ID when making a deposit if DraftKings is unable to verify your identity via your Social Security number.

KYC rules are in place to prevent money laundering, as well as ensuring minors don’t have access to the site.

Withdrawals from DraftKings can take place through PayPal or via a bank transfer.

In summary: DraftKings in Tennessee

Many in Tennessee enjoy daily fantasy sport action at DraftKings with the opportunity of entering contests over a wide range of sports. Private leagues can be set up; you can enjoy leagues with friends or with the general public, too.

The legal situation regarding sports betting in Tennessee is a fast-changing one and will see the introduction of sports betting imminently.

The smart money is on DraftKings being one of the first sportsbooks to open in the Volunteer State. The competition will be high, so keep an eye out for generous bonus offers.

Look out for a full range of sports betting action on both national and international events at DraftKings Sportsbook in Tennessee.