Understanding TN Sportsbook Betting Rules

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Much like every sport has its own distinct set of rules, there are rules for how you can bet on sports at Tennessee sportsbooks.

Tennessee sportsbooks adhere to published rules regarding basic procedures for betting and paying out bets. Before you start betting on any sport, it’s a good idea to get to know some of these standard sportsbook rules and regulations.

That might mean reading the terms and conditions for the bets you place, finding out exactly how Tennessee sportsbooks operate, or familiarizing yourself with the specific rules TN sportsbooks publish for betting on the sports you’re interested in.

That’s a process that can start right here, with the following walkthrough of the most common rules for betting on sports in Tennessee.

Basic Tennessee sports betting rules

Here’s a list of some of the basic rules for betting on sports in Tennessee:

  • You have to be at least 21 years of age to bet on sports in Tennessee.
  • Tennessee offers an online-only sports betting market.
  • You have to be inside the state to place bets.
  • You can only have one account at each licensed TN sportsbook.
  • Betting on college sports is allowed, even games featuring Tennessee schools. However, live prop betting on college sports is not allowed in Tennessee. Prop betting on individual collegiate athletes is also not permitted.
  • Tennessee caps the amount sportsbooks can payout at 90% of the bets they take in annually. That means TN sportsbooks must generate a 10% hold for the year. As a result, the vig on certain bets in Tennessee may be higher than other states where a 5-7% annual hold is most common.

What’s a push in sports betting?

In sports betting, a push is a tie. It means you don’t win or lose the bet, and the amount you bet will be returned to your account.

Odds board For most games in most sports, TN sportsbooks set point spread and totals lines. When the line is hit exactly in either, all bets are considered a push.

For example, let’s say you bet on the Memphis Grizzlies -4 over the New York Knicks. Plus, you bet the over on 208 points. If Memphis wins 106-102, both bets would be a push and the amount you bet would be returned to you.

Just remember, spread and totals lines that include a half-point cannot be a push, because the line can’t be hit.

You might also push in live betting when you bet on what will happen next. If you bet on who will score next, or anything similar, and the game ends before it happens, the bet is a push.

What is palpable error in betting?

Most TN sportsbooks will have what’s called a palp rule. This rule allows them to void any bets on a line considered a palpable error.

Palpable is defined as “demonstratable, obvious, or something you can touch and feel.” In other words, if sportsbooks make an obvious mistake in posting a line, they can invoke the palp rule and void all bets placed on that line.

If you bet on the mistakenly posted line, you’ll get a refund and normally be offered the chance to bet on the correctly posted line.

That said, some legal and regulated sportsbooks in the US have been known to honor winning bets as a public relations move even when the lines were considered palpable errors.

How do TN sportsbooks handle disqualification?

When it comes to the issue of disqualification, it pays to read a sportsbook’s fine print.

Each TN sportsbook might handle disqualification in different sports differently. That’s why you should always read the sport-specific betting rules at the sportsbook of your choice before placing a bet.

Bets on a golfer or tennis player who withdraw from a tournament voluntarily, or are disqualified, might be settled as losing bets. Bets on a NASCAR driver or racehorse that gets DQ’d after the race might be returned to you or may even be paid if they win.

Read the posted rules for the sport you’re betting on and you’ll know exactly how the operator you’re betting with handles these and other disqualifications.

What does “No Action” mean?

If a Tennessee sportsbook “No Actions” a bet, all bets are off. It essentially means they are canceling the bet, and all bets on that line will be returned to players.

Caesars Sportsbook betslipTN sportsbooks do this when a game gets canceled, or sometimes when key players are pulled from the lineup for whatever reason.

You see this in baseball when the listed starting pitcher is a late scratch. Plus, baseball lines can get “No Actioned” due to bad weather or when the game is forced to end before five innings are through.

You might also see it in tennis, where there are weather delays and cancellations as well. Plus, tennis lines can get “No Actioned” when a player retires due to injury before the first set is through.

Other circumstances might force sportsbooks to “No Action” lines in other sports as well when games get canceled for a variety of reasons.

Sportsbooks can void all bets if a game is postponed, rescheduled, or canceled, for any reason they deem sufficient.

Sportsbooks all have different rules when it comes to canceled or re-scheduled events.

Some sportsbooks will still consider the bet live if the game or match is rescheduled within a certain time period of the original date, while other sportsbooks will cancel the same exact bet.

Make sure to check the sportsbook’s rules every time you place a bet.

What happens if the line changes after betting?

You lock in the odds when you make a bet before a game. If the line changes, you can bet again, but your original bet and the odds you booked still stand.

If you’re placing a bet right before a game starts and the action begins, that bet will be voided.

You’ll be able to place a new bet on the live odds right away. The line likely won’t have changed much, unless something dramatic happens in the opening minutes.

However, live odds do change fast. If you’re betting the live odds and the line changes while you’re doing it, your bet will be rejected. You’ll keep your money and can then decide if you still want to go ahead with the newly posted line.

What are correlated bets?

Correlated bets are parlays with two or more bets that are tied together, like betting the moneyline and the spread on the same game.

If one bet wins, the chances of the other winning will be better, but sportsbooks don’t adjust the payout to consider that.

Some states don’t allow correlated plays, allowing sportsbooks to limit their exposure to a game. Tennessee isn’t one of them. The state’s rules for sports betting specifically say you can bet the moneyline and spread on the same game.

Can I customize my bets?

Yes. Most Tennessee sportsbooks will allow you to customize your bets.

BetMGM sports betting slipThis usually involves putting together standard single-game bets and various props for the same game into a parlay. When you do that, most sportsbooks will instantly calculate the odds on your bet and you can go ahead and place it.

Some TN sportsbooks may also refer to this as a Request-A-Bet service, where you propose your bet.

These two are the same thing and sportsbooks will instantly calculate payout odds on the bet you are proposing. Then, if the odds are acceptable to you, you can go ahead and place the bet.

When are bets settled?

TN sportsbooks won’t settle a bet until the result is considered official. That means they don’t pay out winning bets, return bets that push, or deem your bet lost until the league or governing body involved puts its official stamp on the results of a game.

It’s worth noting here that MLB scores can be deemed official by the league after just five innings.

What if injuries impact my bet?

TN sportsbooks allow you to bet in futures markets where you can wager on things like a team winning a title this season.

Serious injuries to key players throughout the season might hamper a team’s chances of accomplishing that goal. Unfortunately, once you lock in a futures bet, you’re stuck with it. In other words, there will be no refund issued if injuries ruin your chances of winning the bet.

What you will get is the chance to bet again at even better odds, since TN sportsbooks will adjust these odds taking into account how the injuries affect the team’s chances.

Are there minimum and maximum bet limits in TN?

Tennessee sportsbooks can set both minimum and maximum bet limits. They also reserve the right to accept or refuse any bet they like, as long as the line is approved by regulators.

Check with the TN sportsbook of your choice to see what the minimum and maximum bet limits are.

Can TN sportsbooks offer free bets?

TN sportsbooks can offer you all kinds of bonuses, including free bets, risk-free bets, and deposit match bonuses.

pile of dollarsJust remember, there is a difference.

Free bets are just that. TN sportsbooks will give you money to bet with and anything you win is yours to keep.

Risk-free bets get you a refund in site credit you can use to bet with again if your original bet loses. You have to use your own money to make the original wager and you have to bet the site credit once it is added to your account.

Deposit match bonuses give you bonus money to bet with when you make a deposit and fulfill any wagering requirements attached. That means you have to use the money you deposited to bet a certain number of times before you’ll get your hands on the bonus money.

Do I have to be a TN resident to gamble online?

The sportsbook betting rules are simple – you have to be 21 or older and inside state-lines to place bets with a TN online sportsbook. That said, there’s no stipulation that you have to be from Tennessee.

You can sign up for an account with a TN online sportsbook and deposit funds in that account from out of state.

You have to come to Tennessee to make bets, but if you win, you can still withdraw those winnings the same way you deposited money from out of state. If that doesn’t work, the sportsbook will mail a check to your home address in any state.

What if I have a dispute with a TN sportsbook?

The Tennessee Lottery is in charge of regulating sports betting inside the state.

As such, the organization has set up a process by which you can present a claim to the Tennessee Lottery if you are unable to find a satisfactory resolution to a dispute involving any licensed sports betting operator in the state.

That means if you have a problem with a bet, payout, account balance, or just about anything, you can turn to the Tennessee Lottery for help.

You need to file a formal grievance with the sportsbook within 30 days of the incident. Then, if you’re not satisfied with any solution proposed, you can present that grievance to the Tennessee Lottery within thirty days of the proposal.

Security staff will investigate and the Tennessee Lottery CEO will issue a decision. Still not satisfied? You can then file an appeal with the Sports Wagering Advisory Council within 30 days of the CEO’s decision.

The Council will either review the appeal and issue a written decision, or conduct a hearing to listen to any new evidence before issuing a final decision.