Tennessee Sportsbook Bonuses and Betting Offers

Can you really get free bets at online sportsbooks? Are they actually free?

Tennessee online sportsbooks often provide incentives to encourage sports betting enthusiasts to create an account. One popular promotion is to give new sign-ups a free bet that allows them to make a no-risk wager right away. Another is a no deposit bonus that gives users money to make their first bets.

So, the answer is yes!

Yes, you can get free bets at online sportsbooks. And they really are free — although they usually come with a few stipulations.

Here is a rundown explaining how to claim the best free bets and no deposit bonuses at Tennessee online sportsbooks.

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How do Free Sports Bets Work?

Most of us are reasonably skeptical when we’re offered something for free. When it comes to online sportsbooks and free bets, there are some stipulations to be aware of when you accept and place these free bets.

A free bet is essentially a bet you make without any risk. That means if you lose the bet, you lose nothing at all because you didn’t stake your own funds. The online sportsbook gives you the money you use to wager.

However, there are two things you should keep in mind when it comes to free bets:

  1. You Can’t Cash Out a Free Bet: That is to say, free bets are not exactly free money that you can simply withdraw. You’ll have to wager these bets in order to see any earnings.
  2. You Receive the Winnings But Not the Original Bet Amount: Say you make a $100 free bet and your team wins, and the winnings total $90.91. You don’t get $190.91 back but just the $90.91 in winnings. (A regular sports bet is different since you receive both your original stake and the winnings if you win.)

No deposit bonuses

Some TN online sportsbooks give no deposit bonuses to new sign-ups. These bonuses are essentially free money with which to make sports bets.

Often, these are relatively small ($10 or $25) compared to some matching bonuses often associated with deposits. Even so, no deposit bonuses allow users to get a better feel for how online sports betting works without having to risk their own funds.

Much like free bets, you can’t withdraw this money right away — you have to wager it first. Also, like free bets, bets won with no deposit bonuses only pay out the winnings and not the original stake.

Free Bets Explained

Online sportsbooks offer different types of free bets. It helps to understand their differences before you jump in at any online sportsbook in Tennessee.

Risk-free bets

A risk-free bet is a sports bet you make with your own money, but you receive your stake back if the bet loses. Sometimes this refund comes as a free bet (see below), as a bonus, or as a cash prize.

For example, some online sportsbooks will offer a $10 risk-free bet. You use the promotion and make a $10 bet with your own money. If you win, you earn the winnings as usual. But if you lose, you get $10 back as a free bet, bonus, or cash.

Risk-free bets often have to meet specific requirements before qualifying, such as having minimum odds.

Free bets

Free bets are a popular type of promotion for online sportsbooks, especially for new sign-ups. Unlike a risk-free bet offer that requires you to bet your own money first, a free bet is just that — a bet you get to make with money given to you for free by the online sportsbook.

You lose nothing if your free bet loses. However, as noted above, if you win, you receive the winnings but not the original stake.

Free bets typically don’t have restrictions like minimum odds or other qualifications. However, they are sometimes time-sensitive (e.g., you must place the bet within a week, 30 days, etc.). Also, a free bet often has a maximum amount, and if you don’t bet that amount, you forfeit the remainder.

For instance, if you have a $10 free bet and use it to make a $6 bet, you lose the remaining $4. Sometimes you have to make a deposit to claim a free bet, although you will also find “no deposit free bets” that do not require a deposit in order for you to claim them.

Match bets

A match bet is another type of risk-free bet. It’s a bet you make with your own money. And if you lose, you receive the amount of the bet as a refund.

In this case, an online sportsbook offers to match your bet up to a certain amount and percentage. For instance, the site can offer a 100% match bet up to $500. That means you can bet any amount up to $500, and if you lose your bet, the site will credit your account the entire amount as a refund.

What’s the best free bet?

Of these types of free bets, the non-restricted free bets are best for small-stakes bettors, as they have no associated requirements.

With these, you:

  • Don’t have to deposit first
  • Don’t have to bet with your own money first to claim them.

However, these free bets are usually smaller than the risk-free bets that can be as much as $500 or even $1,000.

What are the best bets to make with free bets?

There are different rules of thought when it comes to betting strategy with free bets. In theory, what works best as a profitable handicapping strategy with regular sports bets will also work best with free sports bets.

However, since there is no risk of losing money when making a free bet, you can certainly consider making less conservative bets with better odds, thereby giving yourself a chance at a larger payout.

Thus, you might use your free bet to wager on a big underdog or even a multi-leg parlay — depending, of course, on whether the terms of the free bet allow such wagering.

Types of No Deposit Sportsbook Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are especially good since they enable new players to test out online sports betting without risking their own funds.

Understandably, no deposit bonuses often come with significant restrictions. For one, the money awarded cannot be withdrawn and must be wagered. Also, if the bets are winners, you only get the winnings and not the original stake.

No deposit bonuses are often time-sensitive as well. That means the money must be wagered within a certain time period, after which it is no longer available.

While no deposit bonuses work a lot like free bets, there is a significant difference. The value of a free bet has to be used on a single bet. No deposit bonus funds can usually be used over multiple bets at the customer’s discretion.

For example, a $100 free bet would have to be used on a single wager, and if the wager placed using the free bet were only $90, the customer would forfeit the remaining $10 value. However, with $100 bonus funds, a customer could use them to place a single $100 wager or ten separate $10 bets.

With online sportsbooks, no deposit bonuses aren’t nearly as common as matching deposit bonuses, free bets, and other offers. So when they do come along, take advantage of them.

No deposit bonus codes

You generally need to enter a bonus or promo code to claim a no-deposit bonus at an online sportsbook. Such codes work a lot like online coupons.

You will see bonus codes used for no deposit bonuses, matching bonuses, free bets, or other offers. Usually, you can find them on the sportsbook’s website or in promotional materials.

For the best Tennessee online sportsbook deposit codes right here on this page or in our sportsbook reviews.

There is typically a box on the registration page labeled “Enter Promo Code” (or something similar) where you type in the code in order to receive the bonus.

Sometimes you will also need to click a box agreeing to “Opt-In” in order to receive the bonus. Be sure to read the instructions and terms carefully when registering for an account.

Don’t lose the opportunity to take advantage of a no-deposit sportsbook bonus.

More Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

In addition to free bets and no deposit bonuses, other types of bonuses and promotions are commonly found at TN online sportsbooks. These include:

  • Deposit Bonuses: For new sign-ups, a bonus is given as a percentage of whatever amount the user initially deposits, up to a certain maximum. For instance, DraftKings offers a 20% match bonus up to $1,000, where you’ll get a full bonus of $1,000 once the play-through requirement is satisfied.
  • Reload Bonuses: Like deposit bonuses, reload bonuses are available to you if you already have an account and make additional deposits.
  • Event-Specific Bonuses and Promos: Bonuses associated with a particular sport or event like March Madness or the Super Bowl.
  • Bet Insurance Promos: Online sportsbooks often offer insurance on various bet types, such as parlay insurance which gives you money back if you get all but one pick correct on a multi-contest parlay.
  • Pools and Pick’em Promos: Some online sportsbooks feature season-long pools or pick’em leagues. Some have entry fees, but some cost nothing with the entire prize pool donated by the site.
  • Odds Boosts and Other Promos: Sportsbooks sometimes offer daily odds boosts on specific games and other occasional promotions that provide added value.

How to Download and Use a Betting App

Downloading and getting started with a sports betting app is a simple process. For iOS users (iPhone, iPad, etc.), the apps are available to download for free right from the sportsbook website, which you can reach by clicking directly through this page.

Android users can also visit the online sportsbook’s website and download any sportsbook app for free.

Note: You can download, create your account, claim your bonuses and fund your account outside Tennessee. However, when it comes to making bets on the online sportsbook, you need to be physically located within Tennessee state lines to do so.

Online sportsbooks use geo-location to ensure all bettors are within state lines; you might need to download an extra geo-location app on your phone when you create your account.

Free Bets FAQ

Yes, although they often have certain restrictions or requirements. Also, with free bets, the bettor only gets to collect the winnings and not the original stake.

It depends. Online sportsbooks can offer risk-free bets up to $1,000 or more.

Online sportsbooks’ no deposit bonuses are typically small, around $10 or $25. Meanwhile, matching deposit bonuses can be $500 or more.

Deposit bonuses usually come with a playthrough requirement. They force users to bet a certain amount to have bonus funds released into their accounts. Be sure to read the fine print when it comes to playthrough requirements and bonuses. Sometimes the requirements are easy to fulfill, while others can be difficult.

Experienced online sports bettors sometimes use a technique called matched betting. It involves making multiple sports bets (usually on different sites) while using bonuses and promotions to ensure a profitable outcome. Don’t confuse “matched betting” with a “match bet,” a common type of risk-free bet offered by online sportsbooks.

Usually, free bets can be wagered on all the sports an online sportsbook has markets. Consult the terms of the free bet, however, for any restrictions by sport.

Yes. Pay attention to the maximum for a free bet and be sure to bet that amount. If you bet less than the maximum, you usually will lose whatever is left over.

Typically there is not, although there is always a maximum on the amount of the actual free bet. Sometimes, there are odds restrictions that necessarily limit the amount that can be won. Again, consult a free bet’s terms to see any limits on the amount you can win.