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Social casino Funzpoints offers a unique way to play online casino games in Tennessee. The casino is a little different from your usual gambling site, which we’ll get into throughout this review. It’s possible that the slot games at Funzpoints have the highest RTP of US social casinos. All games have a return to player rate of 96.5% or higher.

At Funzpoints, you can choose to play for free or for cash prizes. When you sign up to the casino, you’ll receive a join bonus straight away, followed by a deposit match bonus if you choose to play for cash.

Whether you want to join Funzpoints for fun or the chance to win some cash, the site is sure to provide endless entertainment. Read on for the full details on Funzpoints, including its welcome offer and how the casino works.

Why Choose Funzpoints Casino
  • Welcome bonus as soon as you sign up.
  • Choice to play for fun or cash.
  • High RTP slots.
  • Jackpot draws every day.
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Funzpoints Casino welcome bonus

Tennessee residents have access to Funzpoints’ full welcome offer when they sign up for the site. Finish your player profile and choose a site mode to receive either 250 points free or  in bonus cash.

Standard mode players will receive the points bonus. The 250 points are equal to but give you the chance to play for fun. You can wager these points on any Funzpoints game in standard mode. You’ll then work to collect enough to earn a sweepstake ticket, which we’ll explain more about later.

Premium players will receive the site credit bonus to make purchases across premium mode games. You’ll wager to win more and to collect jackpot tickets. Then, when you’ve used your bonus funds up, make a deposit to claim the operator’s 100% match offer. Funzpoints will match your deposit up to . Altogether, premium players receive in bonus funds when they sign up at the social casino.

Funzpoints casino bonus code 2024

The table below includes all the important details on Funzpoints’ welcome offer. The promotion doesn’t specify a bonus code, but you will need to use our casino link to successfully qualify for the welcome offer. Here’s the join bonus at Funzpoints for each play mode.

Funzpoints Bonus Code
Free Money in premium mode
Deposit Bonus100% deposit match up to
Last UpdatedMay 2024

How Funzpoints works

Funzpoints Casino runs under sweepstake laws in the US, meaning people in all states other than Washington can access it and play. It also means that the casino is open to anyone 18 or older. Social casinos allow US residents to play online casino games legally, either for fun or in the hopes of winning real money.

When you sign up for the casino, you’ll need to pick a play mode. You can change this at any time. In standard mode, you’ll play for fun and won’t need to deposit any cash. In premium mode, you’ll play in the hopes of winning cash prizes, and will therefore need to add your own funds to the site.

In both modes, you’ll work toward earning jackpot tickets. The casino holds daily jackpot draws in which 40 of its players win prizes. You’ll earn a jackpot ticket for every 500 points or 55 wins you collect.

Players can enter each daily draw as many times as they’d like, though you can’t directly buy jackpot tickets. We’ll explain more about the daily draws at Funzpoints next.

How to join Funzpoints Casino in Tennessee

Here’s how to create your Funzpoints player profile and claim the casino’s welcome bonus. The registration process is very quick — simply fill in a few details and choose your play mode. You will, however, need to make sure you use our Funzpoints casino link to claim your join bonus. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Click on our casino link. This will send you to the Funzpoints site and confirm you are eligible for the welcome bonus from the operator.
  2. Click to register and fill in your details. Funzpoints will request your full name, physical address, birth date, email address, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  3. Come up with a username for your account and enter a secure password that you’ll use every time you log in.
  4. Confirm you are a US citizen and are 18 or older.
  5. Verify your account by email.
  6. Choose a play mode, which can be changed at any time.
  7. Wait for your welcome bonus to arrive.

As a new player, you’ll receive 250 points in standard mode or site credit in premium mode. If the bonus doesn’t land in your account during your first 24 hours, make sure to contact the casino’s customer support for assistance.

Funzpoints loyalty program

Funzpoints runs a VIP loyalty program that offers perks to players who spend cash on the site. Most casinos base loyalty on the amount you wager, whereas Funzpoints bases it on your monthly purchases.

To get VIP status, you’ll need to spend at least $4.99 at the casino every 30 days. The more you purchase, the better your VIP perks. As standard, your VIP membership comes with access to the site’s trophy room, no ads on the site, and free premium points.

You’ll then move up the ranks in the form of booster games. These are offered to players who spend more cash on the site to help boost their points. If you spend the VIP minimum every month, you’ll receive one booster game. If you spend $99.99 or more, you’ll receive the full booster offering.

Jackpot daily draws

Every day, 40 Funzpoints players receive a cash prize from the operator. This works as the core of the site. It’s how players are rewarded for playing Funzpoints casino games. The daily jackpot totals $350, split among 40 users every day as follows:

  • 20 players receive a $5 cash prize each
  • 15 players receive a $10 cash prize each
  • Five players receive a $20 cash prize each

You can also earn tickets by spinning the Funzwheel. This prize wheel can be spun every three hours to win tickets or as many as 10,000 points per spin. Follow Funzpoints on Facebook for special social media offers too.

Technically, jackpot draws give standard players the chance to win cash without spending on the site. If you win a jackpot prize, Funzpoints will be in touch within an hour of the draw. You’ll be notified on the website and will also receive an email. The full winner’s list will be announced on the casino’s Facebook page. Make sure your contact details are up to date to avoid missing out.

How to win free points

There are several ways to get your hands on free points from Funzpoints and continue to play. Most are available on the casino itself, but there are also a few fun alternatives. Make sure to take advantage of these methods for long-lasting play!

  1. Send Funzpoints mail: Funzpoints gives free points to players who send a request in the mail. Make sure your letter is marked “Funzpoints Sweepstakes” and include your player username. One thousand standard points and 500 premium points should land in your Funzwallet within the week.
  2. Play booster games: Booster games help you to get more out of your points every time you complete a level in a game. Play as many as possible to help increase your account balance.
  3. Wait for mystery gifts: The operator sends out mystery prizes randomly. Check your site notifications to see if you’ve received any surprise gifts.
  4. Facebook: Funzpoints is on Facebook! On the casino’s page, you might find a special social media offer or two.
  5. Holiday offers: Gain free points when you play during US holidays. Funzpoints runs promotions across Christmas, Mother’s Day, and more. These promos will often be advertised on the site’s homepage banner.
  6. Sunday Funzday: Every Sunday, you’ll have the opportunity to gain free points from the operator when this offer is running. Make any purchase on the website to trigger the promo.

Funzpoints software and features

Players in Tennessee will find the Funzpoints site to be very similar to a general online casino. The only main difference that separates social casinos is play modes. The mode you choose will change the site features displayed to you as a user.

Regardless of your mode, you’ll find your account balance at the top of the homepage. This is conveniently named a Funzwallet and displays both your standard and premium points. There’s also a ticket tally to help you keep track.

Next, you’ll find a navigation menu to help players get between their profile, the cashier, and more at the click of a button. There’s also a main advertising banner on the homepage.

Further down the page is a list of all the games the casino site has added recently. This list is generally updated every 20 to 30 days with new games. You’ll find information on the site’s daily jackpot draw next, including a timer counting down to the next draw.

The Funzwheel appears at the bottom of the casino’s homepage. Spin this every three hours to win points and tickets.

Funzpoints app

Funzpoints is currently a no-download platform. The site doesn’t have an app for players, but it doesn’t really need one. Load Funzpoints on most major web browsers such as Google Chrome and Safari for a smooth experience, regardless of your device.

Players can access the cashier and all slot games from their smartphone or tablet. While an app is always appreciated from an operator, this site is so mobile-optimized that an app wouldn’t really make a difference. Simply connect to a stable mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to play from anywhere in the US except Washington state.

Funzpoints online casino games

Funzpoints develops all its games in-house, which means players will see storylines and software they haven’t seen anywhere else. We like that all games have a return-to-player rate of 96.5% or higher, and new games debut regularly.

The casino is completely slots-focused other than one keno game to break things up a little. You won’t find roulette, blackjack, poker, or live dealer games on this site. All games are fun and fast-playing.

As expected, Funzpoints premium players have access to more games that standard players, but that shouldn’t put you off. Below are some of the games available in each mode.


In standard mode, players play for fun only. You don’t need to wager or make any purchases on this mode. Though this does mean fewer games are available to you. Below are a few titles you might find when browsing the casino. Simply wager a minimum of eight standard points on any game to start. Games in this mode are not ad-free.

  • Kongo’s Adventure
  • Voyage of the Vikings
  • The Java Cafe
  • Bonbon Bash
  • Enchantress Luna


Premium mode players have a little more freedom on the Funzpoints site. The casino is ad-free in this mode, and more games are available. You can win up to $5,000 by playing games using premium points at Funzpoints. Here’s a list of premium games you might see on the website.

  • Warrior on Wheels
  • Chillin’ while Grillin’
  • Scatters in Space
  • Buckaroo Bronco
  • Start your Engines
  • Barnyard Frenzy
  • The Big Dive
  • Game of Crowns
  • Criminal Cash
  • Chase the 8s
  • Gold Rush Pete

Banking at Funzpoints casino

Banking at Funzpoints is straightforward but limited. There are three banking methods available — prepaid card, Visa, and Mastercard. All three methods are verified, however, and therefore safe for players in TN to use. Site credit will usually appear in your account straight away.

To play for real cash prizes, you’ll need to deposit a minimum of $4.99. The credit you purchase will then be converted into points to use at the casino. Here’s the breakdown:

$4.99 purchase = 1,000 standard points and 500 premium points
$9.99 purchase = 2,000 standard points and 1,000 premium points
$19.99 purchase = 4,000 standard points and 2,000 premium points

The numbers will continue to increase in this fashion going into the larger purchases. Players can only withdraw winnings from premium credits, and the casino’s processing time is generally no longer than 24 hours.

Funzpoints customer support

You can find Funzpoints’ FAQ section by clicking the menu button at the top right side of the screen. There, you’ll find answers to the most common questions players ask.

We’ve mentioned the casino’s Facebook page a lot throughout this review. As well as being a great way to find out about promotions, the casino’s social media page is also the best place to get in touch with customer support.

Send a message to the page to receive a reply from a Funzpoints team member in a matter of minutes. Make sure to include your username so the team can start to help as soon as it receives your message.

Players can also email [email protected] for further help. The casino claims to reply to emails within the hour, though more complex issues may take a few days.

Is Funzpoints Casino legit and safe?

Funzpoints Casino is legal across the United States, excluding Washington state. The site follows all US sweepstake laws and guidance. Player accounts and banking details are protected using encryption technology. The operator verifies all player accounts using individual Social Security numbers.

A random number generator ensures fair play across all games on the Funzpoints site. All games have an RTP of at least 96.5%.

The casino also has adopted a number of responsible gaming promises to ensure players are protected against addiction. Choose to set limits on your play or even self-exclude from the casino at any time.

To play online at Funzpoints legally, you need to be at least 18 years of age and live within the US. Residents of Washington state are the only people who cannot access the site.

You can read the company’s terms and conditions and privacy policy by heading to the footer of any Funzpoints page.

History of Funzpoints

Funzpoints was established in early 2018 by parent company Woopla Inc. Woopla Gaming has been in operation since June 2015 and operates a number of gaming sites. The company uses Dwolla, a third-party service, to provide payments to players.