World Series Game 6 Betting In Tennessee: Astros Favored Over Braves

Posted on November 1, 2021

The Atlanta Braves are once again underdogs against the Houston Astros according to Game 6 World Series betting odds.

While Tennessee sportsbooks favor the Astros in the next game, they still expect the Braves to secure the series, suggesting a Game 7 finale may very well be in store for the two teams.

Braves vs. Astros World Series Game 6 betting odds

Houston claimed its shot at redemption in Game 5 against the Braves, forcing the series into a sixth game which takes place this Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Atlanta remains one game away from a victory, while the Astros are now one ballgame closer to tying the score, with the series sitting at 3-2 for the Braves.


Sportsbooks are still predicting the Braves to win this series. But it won’t come as quickly as most Atlanta fans might hope.

Even though the Braves walked away victorious during their Game 1 visit to Houston last week, they still sit at a deficit in the eyes of sportsbooks for Game 6 with moneyline odds.

The Astros went on to win Game 2 of the series before transitioning to Atlanta where the Braves won Games 3 and 4. Houston managed to keep the series alive, however, with a Game 5 win in Truist Park.

Now, the series returns to Houston where the Astros are once again given the home field advantage with moneyline odds.

The Braves are situated with a -run spread deficit.

Out of Atlanta’s three wins, two of them resulted in a spread of two runs or more. They won Game 4 by a single run.

Tennessee sportsbooks expect another high-scoring game this Tuesday after Game 5’s thrilling 14-run event. The over/under for Tuesday is set at runs.

World Series odds

Another win by the Astros would force the series into a Game 7 finale. And according to current World Series Futures odds, this is where the Braves have the best chance of sealing the series.


Bettors can tune into Fox beginning at 8:09 p.m. ET on Nov. 2 to see whether the Braves end the series at 4-2 or whether the Astros are successful at evening the score.

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