Social Sports Betting App Wagr ‘Dying To Get In’ The Tennessee Market

Posted on July 8, 2021 - Last Updated on July 12, 2021

Wagr, a new social sports betting app, is eager to enter the Tennessee market. The company aims to start a sports betting revolution that stresses inclusivity, simplicity, and safety for everyone involved.

PlayTenn sat down with Marketing Strategist Geoff Doyle to discuss the budding brand’s plan for the state.

Social betting platform would be first of its kind

Wagr isn’t just another sportsbook looking to enter Tennessee. This specific brand is unique for a couple of reasons.

First, it is by Reddit’s own Co-Founder, Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six. Second, this particular platform introduces a social aspect to wagering that isn’t accessible with traditional sportsbooks.

In the sports betting scenario Wagr has constructed, bettors design their own wagers that fellow players can then bet on. The platform takes a small cut, and the rest goes to the winning bettor.

The platform is designed for those looking to put a couple bucks down on a game and enjoy the experience with their friends. In other words, you don’t have to know a lick about sports betting to be able to wager on Wagr.

Doyle says the company’s intent is to offer an experience that sports fans of every type can enjoy.

“We’re really just trying to spell it out and make it as easy as possible for folks without betting experience, so they feel comfortable and empowered to the point that they make a bet and have a good time with it. Nobody wants to bet on something they don’t understand.”

He says that although Wagr is considered a sports wagering platform, it’s in a league of its own when it comes to sportsbooks.

“We’re not necessarily a direct competitor with the big players out there. Yes, we are a competitor in the sense that we both offer the ability to accept sports wagers. But mostly we’re competing with things like PayPal and CashApp…WhatsApp conversations. That’s more the experience that we’re trying to simplify.”

Ultimately, the platform is about having fun and connecting users with fellow sports enthusiasts. A typical player profile on the app might look something like this:

Simple and safe social wagering

Along with making odds and wagering as simple as possible, the platform promises to offer a safe alternative to traditional Tennessee sports betting.

With the unique social aspect involved in Wagr’s sports betting experience, a new set of safety concerns emerges. If an inexperienced bettor gets in too far over their head, potential problem gambling pitfalls could arise.

Doyle says the company is fully aware of that possibility. In fact, they have already introduced plenty of safeguards to protect against that.

“With our targeting and the limits we’re putting in place, we truly believe that we are going to be on the cutting edge – one of the folks that leads the way when it comes to responsible gaming.”

Wagr remains hopeful for a Tennessee launch

Right now, Tennessee and Virginia are the only states Wagr is currently pursuing. Doyle states that the company aims to prove itself in its first two jurisdictions before branching outward.

Wagr is still working its way through Tennessee’s operator application process. A second social betting app, ZenSports, is facing the same situation in the state. As of now, a timeline nor any inclination of where the operator stands in the eyes of the committee has been revealed. Until then, the brand continues to cross its fingers and prepare for the road ahead.

“Tennessee has such a die-hard sports culture. We’re dying to get in there and get our feet on the ground and establish a community presence – which we intend to do.”

If and when Wagr makes it to Tennessee, players can expect to delve into an immersive, revolutionized sports betting experience.

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