TN Betting Apps We’d Like To See: Graceland Sportsbook

Posted on February 12, 2020 - Last Updated on March 9, 2020

With no existing casinos or racetracks in Tennessee, the potential to bring new players into the sports betting game is greater than any other state.

Anyone can pony up the license fee, fill out an application, and get in on some Rocky Top betting action. Since there is no limit on the number of licenses the Tennessee Lottery will dole out, there is, theoretically, room for everyone.

With the sky as the limit, why not fantasize what would be the most fun sportsbook brands that would uniquely connect with Tennesseans?

Viva Las Vegas! Bring on the Elvis-themed sports betting app

When it comes to the most iconic people in Tennessee, how do you start with anyone other than Elvis Presley?

The King died over 40 years ago, but the hype around Elvis has never waned. His homestead, Graceland, continues to be a profitable tourist attraction in Memphis. Presley fans make the pilgrimage to Tennessee to pay tribute to their fallen hero in his home.

While they are there, they might as well sell them on a sports betting product.

Presley is best known for his music, but he had ties to sports, too. He played a boxer in the film Kid Galahad; however, in real life, his passion was American football.

In addition to playing pickup games around Graceland, he was constantly watching sports on TV and knew every player on his favorite team.

Another Tennessee favorite, Peyton Manning, recently traveled to Memphis to discuss Elvis and his penchant to draw up his own plays on a segment of his ESPN+ series Peyton’s Places:

If Elvis were around today, he would be more thrilled than anyone that TN sports betting was legal and bringing a taste of his second home, Las Vegas, to his home state.

With his Burning Love for football, he would probably be pitching the Graceland Sportsbook even harder than we are. We Can’t Help Falling in Love with the idea.

Think of the hunka, hunka burning promotional tie-ins

American sportsbooks are finding that the best way to make a name for themselves and win over new customers is with memorable promotions like odds boostsdeposit bonuses, and close-game insurance.

If Graceland Sportsbook comes to be, it will need to go heavy on the promos in order to compete with the big dogs like DraftKings and FanDuel. And the best way to make sure these deals and offers stand out in a crowded marketplace is to tie them in with our favorite Elvis songs and lyrics.

The possibilities are endless, but here are just a few ideas to convey it’s, Now or Never, time to sign up and bet with Elvis:

  • You ain’t nothing but an Underdog,” so we are boosting the odds on your team.
  • Love Me (Cash) Tender deposit options.
  • Kentucky Rain: Tennesseans love to see Kentucky basketball suffer, so these special bets pay off when the UK is knocked out of March Madness.
  • Blue Christmas: Odds and promos for any Memphis Grizzlies NBA Christmas Day games.
  • Don’t Be Cruel: Close-game insurance for any games decided by a last-second score.
  • Let us be your Teddy Bear: We’re boosting the odds on all teams with bear mascots, Grizzlies included.
  • Return to Sender: One out of every 1,000 deposits will get the money refunded but still get the credit in their account to wager, no strings attached.

Frankly, we’re All Shook Up at the potential an Elvis and sportsbook combo would offer. It’s the greatest partnership since peanut butter and bananas.

So, let’s have a Little Less Conversation about it. Someone at the Presley estate must jump on this opportunity and ready that sportsbook application before it is too late.

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