NFL Draft Picks Don’t Alter Tennessee Titans Super Bowl Odds

Posted on May 10, 2021 - Last Updated on January 11, 2022

The Tennessee Titans walked away from the 2021 NFL Draft with a renewed hope for the upcoming season. In the eyes of Titans personnel and fans, this year’s draft was a success.

Sportsbooks, on the other hand, weren’t as impressed. Despite Tennessee’s newest roster additions, Super Bowl LVI betting odds didn’t budge.

Tennessee Titans Super Bowl odds hold steady

Before the draft began, the Titans held steady at +4,000 odds of winning the Big Game, and those odds still haven’t shifted. Tennessee sportsbooks held more faith in the team during pre-season. In February, Tennessee’s Super Bowl odds sat at +2,800.

DraftKings odds position 19 teams ahead of the Titans in the race for the next Lombardi Trophy. At BetMGM, only seventeen teams find themselves ahead of Tennessee. FanDuel seems to place the most faith in the Titans, where they sit behind 16 teams and carry odds of +3,500.

AFC South odds

The Titans might have won the AFC South title last year, but you wouldn’t know it from current odds. The Indianapolis Colts gained dominion over division odds after making a big pre-season trading move.  BetMGM gives Indianapolis the lead at +100 and the Titans trail directly behind at +110. The spread is wider at DraftKings, where the Colts sit at -106 and the Titans fall to +130. Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Jaguars (+1200) and Houston Texans (+2000) round out the division as minor threats.

Odds for the team grow longer as more teams come into play in the AFC Championship. At BetMGM, the Titans have +2,200 odds of winning the championship. The sportsbook positions nine other teams in front of Tennessee, the Colts (+1100) being one of them.

Tennessee Titans 2021 NFL draft picks

General manager Jon Robinson and head coach Mike Vrabel have been optimistic about the future of the program since the draft’s conclusion. Eight new players were drafted during the pick. Much as the team did during free agency, the Titans focused on strengthening the weakest elements of their roster – the defense.

RoundPick No.PlayerPositionCollege
Round 1No. 22Caleb FarleyCBVirginia Tech
Round 2No. 53Dillon RadunzOTNorth Dakota State
Round 3No. 92Monty RiceLBGeorgia
Round 3No. 100Elijah MoldenCBWashington
Round 4No. 109Dez FitzpatrickWRLouisville
Round 4No. 135Rashad WeaverEDGEPitt
Round 6No. 205Racey McMathWRLSU
Round 6No. 215Brady BreezeSOregon

GM Robinson has been responsible for seven first-round draft picks since onboarding in 2016. Four of those selections have since left the team, leaving only Rashaan Evans, Jeffery Simmons, and new pick Caleb Farley on the roster.

First-round cornerback pick Farley is a promising selection on the field, though his medical record leaves room for some concern. The Virginia Tech prospect has a speckled history of injuries, most notably recent back problems. Farley, however, has addressed the matter himself, assuring Titans fans that issues are in the past.

New offensive lineman Dillon Radunz has potential as both a guard and right tackle at the professional level. The second-round pick from North Dakota State could add just the right amount of versatility to the defensive line. Third-round pick Elijah Molden could prove to be another strong asset for the team since the defensive back can play both nickel corner and safety.

Last year, offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson troubled the Titans with an arrest record stemming from various charges accrued during the season. After being drafted in 2020, the Titans traded him to the Miami Dolphins in March, who then released Wilson only days later.

Tennessee could find itself in a similar predicament this year. Titans fourth-round pick Rashad Weaver had simple assault charges filed against him one day before the draft. Tennessee claims to have been unaware of the charges at the time of selection, though.

While the draft heeded promising results, weaknesses in the wide receiver and kicker department remain. The Titans are expected to sign, or perhaps even trade, more players between now and the start of the 2021 season.

Sportsbooks may be uncertain of Tennessee’s upcoming performance, but bettors can use this time to cash in on favorable futures odds.

Photo by AP / Tony Dejak
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