Metabilia Introduces Vlad & Acuna To DraftKings Marketplace

Posted on May 11, 2022 - Last Updated on May 24, 2022

DraftKings Marketplace is gearing up for a home run MLB season, offering sports fans a unique new way to invest in their favorite athletes.

Memorabilia and NFT company Metabilia is the latest brand at bat, partnering with DraftKings Marketplace for an exclusive launch. The second release of the collection drops this Wednesday and features Atlanta Braves favorite Ronald Acuña Jr.

Metabilia enters the DraftKings Marketplace

Metabilia NFTs are available exclusively through the DraftKings Marketplace, and the best part is — you can use your DraftKings Sportsbook TN balance to make your purchase.

They weren’t the first to find their way onto the platform, though. Autograph, co-founded by none other than Tom Brady, creates NFTs of some of the sporting world’s most iconic stars, ranging from Derek Jeter and Tony Hawk to Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka.

Now that Metabilia has joined the action, the marketplace will feature even more rising stars. Metabilia’s collection launched in early May with Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and it will soon expand to include:

  • Ronald Acuña Jr.
  • Shane Bieber
  • Wander Franco
  • Joe Musgrove
  • Fernando Tatís Jr.

Ronald Acuña Jr. drops this Wednesday

Metabilia’s next drop comes Wednesday, May 10, featuring three limited-edition Ronald Acuña Jr. releases:

  • Black – #/20 – $1,500
  • Platinum – #/380 – $150
  • Green – #/600 – $75

The Green edition of the soon-to-release Acuna NFT has a mint limit of 600, and the Platinum edition is limited to 380. If demand for this Acuna release is anything like that of the Vlad, the upcoming drop will likely sell out much quicker than the first.

That’s also because this release will be more limited than the first. Metabilia’s debut Vladimir Guerrero Jr. NFT featured higher edition numbers for its Platinum and Green releases.

  • Black #/20 – $1,500
  • Platinum #/600 – $150
  • Green #/1380 – $75

The first two tiers of the Vladimir release have already sold out, though the Green Series I release is still available for purchase.

Buy and sell on DraftKings Marketplace

Once these releases sell out, they’re not gone for good. You’ve still got a chance to snag them in the DraftKings Marketplace. Here, owners can list their NFTs for sale at any price they choose.

As of now, the most affordable Vlad Green NFTs are consistently selling for around $75 — the same price as the original mint.

The lowest Vlad Platinums on the marketplace are also currently selling for roughly the same as the original mint price at $150.

Vlad Black editions, on the other hand, are selling for more than double the original mint price. The cheapest listing currently sits at $5,500 — almost four times the original price tag of $1,500.

The perks of being a Metabilia holder

Some people collect because they’re a huge fan of a certain player or team. Others are what we call flippers — those that collect, then quickly sell for a profit. These Metabilia NFTs, however, give buyers a unique reason to hold onto these gems.

Owning a Metabilia athlete automatically makes you a Metabilia Member, granting you access to exclusive (free) drops, game-used memorabilia and more.

This means every time an athlete wins big, the player also wins. For example, all Vlad Guerrero NFT holders recently received a special “Longest & Hardest-Hit HR” NFT to commemorate the latest mile marker in the young star’s career.

These types of “Membership NFTs” offer a way for fans to support the career of a beloved rising star and receive long-term benefits at the same time.

Once you own one of these extra goodies, it’s yours to do with as you wish. You can either hold it in your Portfolio or list it for sale on the Marketplace.

Those looking for a quick return on their investment may opt for the latter. Vlad Green Event #2 NFTs are consistently selling for $10 or more, while Platinum versions are going for over $20 and Black versions are selling for more than $400.

So, which route will you take? Will you snag these athlete NFTs and hold on for dear life or will you grip it, then flip it?

Photo by AP/John Bazemore
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