FanDuel ‘Spreads The Love’ To Tennessee Bettors Two Weekends In A Row

Posted on November 17, 2020 - Last Updated on March 6, 2024

Tennessee sportsbooks continue to reel in bettors with stacked promotions.

FanDuel Sportsbook, one of the biggest operators in the state, is no exception.

The operator brought its famous ‘Spread the Love’ promotion to Tennessee over the weekend, and it was a huge hit.

So, FanDuel decided to do it again with this weekend’s Tennessee vs. Auburn game.

FanDuel expands its love to Tennessee

Tennessee’s first Spread the Love campaign launched this past Friday for the Vanderbilt Commodores game versus the Kentucky Wildcats.

For every 250 bettors to wager on the Vanderbilt spread, FanDuel moved the line one point in favor of the Commodores.

Lines increased as long as fans kept betting, with no cap to how high the spread could go. The promo began on Friday with a spread of +17.5, concluding at +86.5 at kickoff.

The final score of the game was Kentucky 38, Vanderbilt 35.

Line odds were at -110, meaning those that bet $50 walked away with a payout of $95.45.

Bettors could wager as little as $10 up to a maximum $50 on the spread. Even with promotions as generous as these, bettors don’t always wager the max.

In total, FanDuel divvied out over $650,000 to countless Tennesseans who took advantage of this boost.

Bettors that got in on early spread action also received payout according to the final spread at kickoff.

Tennessee vs. Auburn gets some love too

FanDuel has already rolled out another Spread the Love promotion for the Tennessee Vols to cover the spread facing the Auburn Tigers this Saturday.

For this matchup, the sportsbook will bump the +10.5 spread by one point for every 250 bettors who wager on Tennessee.

Bettors can also take part in other Spread the Love boosts active on a nation-wide level, where lines generally move one point after every 2,500 bets.

These are far from the final bonus Tennesseans will see from FanDuel this year.

FanDuel’s generous history

While the sportsbook offers many different promotions, Spread the Love is FanDuel’s signature campaign. Introduced in 2019, customers have been rewarded with lavish payouts ever since.

This year, the bonus previously ran in Indiana when the Indianapolis Colts kicked off with a +51 spread against the New Orleans Saints in December.

Indiana bettors also benefited over $1.2 million from a +118 spread line on the Indiana Hoosiers versus Michigan State in February.

More than $2 million was raked in by Pennsylvania bettors in February from a +59.5 spread on the Philadelphia 76ers against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Colorado and Illinois bettors have also gotten in on the Spread the Love fun this year.

With the sportsbook essentially giving away “free money”, it’s hard to turn down a promotion like this.

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