Hard Rock Casino Isn’t A Hard Sell For Bristol Mayor, Casino Partner

Posted on August 27, 2020

With just over two months until the vote, the campaign to approve a referendum on a potential Bristol Hard Rock Casino in Virginia isn’t slowing down. Proponents are using all available avenues.

One person with an obvious interest, along with the mayor of Bristol, VA, recently went on the record to encourage voters there to vote yes on Nov. 3.

For Bristol, TN, a yes vote could be a good thing as well.

The latest sales pitches for a Bristol Hard Rock Casino

If all goes according to plan for the interested parties, Bristol, TN, residents may have a new reason to cross the state line in the near future. Ironically, it might take them to a familiar destination.

The proposed site for the casino is the old Bristol Mall. In a recent open letter, one of the project’s financial backers, Jim McGlothlin, implored Virginia voters to head to the polls.

We are excited to hear from Jim McGlothlin about the vision that he and his longtime friend, Clyde Stacy (both born and…

Publicado por Bristol Resort and Casino em Terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2020

While there’s no guarantee that voters will mark their ballots on this measure at all, much less in the affirmative, McGlothlin is doing all he can to get his message out.

He isn’t the only one doing that, either. Bristol, VA Mayor Bill Hartley again championed the cause at a recent virtual event sponsored by the chambers of commerce of both Bristols.

Hartley stated that the casino would bring economic development, jobs, and new tax revenue to his city.

Bristol, TN Mayor Mahlon Luttrell also spoke during the event.

Luttrell laid out several projects his city has on its agenda. That’s where a casino just across the state line could be of benefit to Tennesseans as well as Virginians.

Turning an empty mall into improvements for all

Obviously, residents of Bristol, TN will be eligible to apply for the new jobs if the Hard Rock becomes reality. That’s just one way in which Tennesseans could benefit, however.

Construction of the casino, concert halls, convention center, and hotel could also employ companies in Tenessee. The project’s backers estimate the facility will bring 2,000 permanent and 1,000 temporary jobs to the area.

When circumstances allow, the sprawling facility could host a variety of events. While that might benefit Virginians in the immediate area most, there should be some “spillover” across the state lines.

Luttrell’s list of projects includes potential benefactors. Among them are a new hotel and new restaurants. Those additional amenities, in turn, produce more tax revenue for the city.

Those potential benefits are besides the swath of gamblers visiting the area regularly to try their hands at hitting jackpots. The renovated mall will transform into a 100,000 square-foot casino.

That will only happen if voters approve, however. That’s what Hartley and McGlothlin are pushing for.

Given the potential benefit, even across the state line, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Luttrell would be happy to see the referendum pass as well.

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