Top Ways To Bet On The 2021 NFL Draft In Tennessee

Posted on April 21, 2021

The first signs of football season are upon us, kicking off with the 2021 NFL Draft on Thursday, April 29.

Odds are live at Tennessee sportsbooks, and plenty of betting options are available to choose from.

Betting on the NFL Draft in Tennessee

Almost three months have gone by since Tennesseans have been able to wager on NFL action. And with the first NFL Draft coming up that Tennesseans can legally bet on, football fans are especially eager for the new season.

The draft should serve as a welcomed opportunity for NFL bettors to get back into the football betting action. Sportsbooks have rolled out countless wagering options for the big event.

Whether you have a strong feeling about which offensive lineman will be drafted first, or you get the notion that only a handful of quarterbacks will be drafted in the first round, you can likely find the option listed on one of Tennessee’s sportsbooks.

Out of the state’s six operational sportsbooks, five of them are taking action on the NFL draft:

NFL Draft betting options in Tennessee

Along with the slightly different odds listed at each sportsbook, each operator offers a slightly different selection of betting options.

The draft’s first, second and third overall pick are three of the most popular betting options. Plenty of value can be found in the markets for first and second overall selection – that is, if Trevor Lawrence (-10000) and Zach Wilson (-5000) don’t fill those spots.

When it comes to third overall pick though, oddsmakers aren’t as confident about who will take the crown. Mac Jones (-150), Justin Fields (+160), and Trey Lance (+350) are all top options at DraftKings.

Similarly, sportsbooks are fairly certain about who the first quarterback, receiver, tight end, and offensive lineman selection will be. You’ll need to put a decent amount of money on the line to cash in on one of those wagers. Or, you can throw the Hail Mary here and bet on an underdog to steal the show.

Along with wagering on which prospects will get snagged first, other betting options include:

  • Total quarterbacks drafted in the first round
  • Quarterbacks drafted in the first round
  • First player drafted
  • First non-quarterback drafted
  • Total defensive players drafted in the first round
  • Total Alabama players drafted in the first round

Draft Position is another popular wagering market, where bettors can predict the over/under of countless players.

One of the most entertaining, off-the-cuff wagers available for the draft is the Position of Mr. Irrelevant. This title, which is given to the final pick of the draft, will be selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year.

Wagering on Tennessee Titans draft picks

The Tennessee Titans have been granted nine draft picks this year – selections which could go a long way in determining the outcome of the team’s season. With this being the first draft Tennesseans can wager on, fans are especially eager to put some money down on their hometown picks.

Bettors won’t have the opportunity to predict the exact player Tennessee will draft first. However, one thing DraftKings and BetMGM both allow fans to wager on is the playing position of the Titans’ first draft pick.

Cornerback is the top option with +225 odds at both books. Wide receiver follows close behind with +300 odds at BetMGM.

Additionally, DraftKings, BetMGM and William Hill allow bettors to wager on whether Tennessee’s first pick will be an offensive or defensive player.

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