How To Hit A Home Run With 2021 MLB Betting In Tennessee

Posted on April 9, 2021

MLB season is in full swing, and Tennessee sportsbooks are offering plenty of betting options.

Brush up on your skills before stepping up to bat so you can knock your bets out of the park this year.

Traditional MLB betting and parlays

Betting on Major League Baseball is fairly similar to wagering on any other sport. You’ve got all your traditional moneyline and over/under game lines to choose from.

Point spreads, however, operate a little differently. In baseball, it is referred to as betting the run line, and one team is almost always awarded a 1.5-run lead over the other. So if you’re thinking the Atlanta Braves will dominate the Philadelphia Phillies this weekend by a three-point margin, try a run line bet.

Got your eye on multiple games today? Merge your MLB wagers into a single parlay bet.

These types of bets can feel riskier to newer bettors. Odds grow longer with every additional parlay selection, though potential payout increases substantially as well.

For parlays, it’s best to bet small sums and use these as a fun side bet.

MLB Live Odds

MLB prop betting

Prop bets are one of the most entertaining ways to wager on MLB action. Since these types of bets don’t directly influence the outcome of the game, they can be a great way to stay in the game if your team starts losing.

  • Total runs scored by a team
  • First team to score
  • Team to score first and win
  • Total runs odd or even
  • First team to score two runs

Even more prop bet options will become available later on in the season when playoffs begin.

First half wagering

Games in the early season can be far more unpredictable than late-season games. Players are still finding their groove within a team, new managers are stepping into position, starting pitchers are warming up, and consistency is few and far between.

For more predictability during early season matchups, many bettors turn to F5 betting. Basically, first half wagers are the equivalent of making a moneyline bet on a game’s first five innings. They’ve become more popular in recent years because of the surprises that often come in later innings.

A team’s outcome might seem promising during the first handful of innings. But by the bottom of the seventh after a new pitcher has taken the mound, results could turn dismal.

Since late game pitchers aren’t taken into account in first half wagers, they are typically considered safer bets. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with starting pitcher stats and their typical performance rates.

Live MLB betting

Once the first pitch is thrown in a game, the field opens to additional wagering options.

Options for live betting include:

  • Player plate appearances
  • Number of runs
  • Pitcher strikeouts per inning

Futures betting

Division competition may still be a ways away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead and wager on it.

Futures bets are a great way to stay invested in the outcome of regular season games. And if you put your money on an underdog early enough in the season, you could be in for a strong return on investment come championship time.

Players can bet on their favorite team to win each division, win the league, or become the World Series champion. Other bets include team win totals as well as predictions for Rookie of the Year, Manager of the Year and the Cy Young award.

Currently, BetMGM is offering a boost on two Braves players.

Odds of Ronald Acuna Jr. becoming the 2021 MLB Home Run Leader are boosted to+1200, and Freddie Freeman has a +1600 boost on becoming the 2021 MLB Hits Leader.

Tennessee sportsbook MLB boosts and promos

Initial MLB boosts are beginning to wind down now that Opening Day has come and gone. However, sportsbooks are pitching up a range of fresh promos.

DraftKings launches boosts and more

DraftKings is offering users a 25% Daily Profit Boost that can be used on one MLB live bet per day.

In honor of Jackie Robinson Day on April 15, DraftKings is making a $200,000 donation to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. To bring attention to this, the sportsbook also launched the Free $42K Jackie Robinson Popularity Pool. In this contest, which runs until April 30, players select the answer they believe will be the most common for a chance to win a share of the cash.

Players can also take part in DraftKings’ free Home Run Challenge contest every day of MLB season. After drafting three players, contestants receive a point for every home run those particular players hit during a game. Scoring three points awards players a share of the $2,000 prize pool. A score of six points or more, on the other hand, grants a share of the top $10,000 prize pool.

Action 24/7 First Inning refund

At Action 24/7, bettors can protect their first MLB live bet of the day with First Inning Loss Refund. If your first inning bet happens to lose, the sportsbook will provide you with a 50% refund of up to $20.

BetMGM knocks it out of the park with promos

For one of the widest varieties of MLB specials in Tennessee, look to BetMGM.

The sportsbook is offering a new MLB Daily Special each day of season play.

Along with daily specials, 13 other Player Season Specials are available. Where bets are based on individual player season stats. Bettors can wager on a player’s total:

  • Home runs
  • RBIs
  • Runs scored
  • Stolen bases
  • Pitcher strikeouts

Matchbets are another popular option in this section. In this type of wagering, bettors are given two player choices and must select which one will perform better.

Perhaps you’re feeling certain of Mike Trout’s chances of logging more home runs than Pete Alonzo this year. Or maybe you like the chances of Jacob deGrom throwing more strikeouts than Max Scherzer.

This is another instance where a little research goes a long way. With a bit of legwork, you’ll soon be ready to predict the outcome of the entire 2021 MLB season.

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