Tennessee Live Dealer Games

With online sports betting sites coming soon to Tennessee, all eyes are on the possibility of online casinos

Regulation for online casino games was not a part of state bill S 16, which explicitly legalized betting on sports in the Volunteer State. If the rollout of mobile sportsbooks is a success, many hope that casinos will follow.

In states that already have regulated online casino games, live dealer table games are popular. 

The concept is simple. 

Casinos set up studios in their brick-and-mortar venues, with cameras pointing at the felt from various angles. 

Real dealers are running the games. 

When you log on to an online casino, you’ll see the overlay, which you use to bet and make in-game decisions.

Many games are running at live dealer casinos. You’ll read all about these below, along with a more detailed overview of how the games work.

This page is only a preview. If and when live dealer online casino games come to Tennessee, you’ll find out about it here first. 

In the meantime, you will find legal online casino options (though not with live dealer games) via the sweepstakes casinos and poker rooms.

Tennessee live dealer casinos: Details of how the games work

Video streaming technology has been with us for many years. 

The ability to see a casino game dealt in real-time is a relatively straightforward use of this technology. 

What makes live dealer casino games possible online, though, is the robust system of placing and settling bets.

Here is a hand of blackjack, from start to finish, as an example.

Once the previous hand is completed, you’ll see a countdown over the felt while the dealer clears away the cards. This timer is around 30 seconds at most casinos and, if you miss the cutoff, the hand will start without you.

To bet, you will need to click on a chip and place them on the “play” or “bet” square. You can place more than one chip, and side bets are often available as separate wagers.

When the time is up, the cards will be dealt to all the players, precisely as it would in a casino. Each player will be asked to make decisions in turn, which are are also timed. If you timeout, you will simply stand.

Once all players have acted, the dealer will take cards, as needed, to complete his or her hand. 

At this point, the software will automatically assess the winners, and payout virtual chips via the electronic overlay. Losing bets are removed. You now get the chance to re-bet (or double your bet at some casinos), with a single click.

Other options include the ability to chat via text with the dealer and other players at your table. Dealers will not be able to type replies, although they can and do regularly reply to comments while they deal. Some tables are social, while others are quiet.

One-to-many table games

Blackjack is played at tables of up to seven players. Many other games are played “one-to-many” instead. 

This type means everyone joining the game plays the same hand against the dealer. Since some people will fold and others bet (regardless of the odds), hands are played to the end. 

Roulette and several casino poker games work well in a one-to-many format.

As live dealer casinos have the added expense of a dealer and studio, the stakes are often a little higher. 

Currently, there is not enough demand in the regulated states to have these open 24/7. When they do come to the Volunteer State; however, expect the hours to be between 2 p.m. to midnight.

Live dealer casino games in Tennessee: Overview of the various games

When you enter the lobby area of a live dealer casino, you can’t miss the vast selection of blackjack tables. 

Blackjack and roulette are the most popular games, but there are many others available. 

You’ll find three-card pokerCaribbean StudUltimate Texas Hold’embaccarat and Casino Hold’em variations, too. Not every casino will have all of them, with blackjack, baccarat and roulette being the games all casinos have in common.

Here is an overview of the type of games to expect if and when live dealer casinos come to Tennessee:

  • Blackjack: This game is hugely popular. With most games played out in a standard seven-seat table format, there are more tables than for the one-to-many games. These are divided by stake, with lower limits at $5 and less, and high-roller tables at $1,000+ per hand. Side bets include pairs in your hand or are based on 7s (same and different suits) being dealt. Less frequently, you’ll find a one-to-many blackjack game.
  • Roulette: This popular game has two main variations. The main American roulette games will have a dealer running the game. Meanwhile, auto-roulette has a live table that starts and stops on its own, if you prefer. Some casinos include replays with special effects to make their live dealer roulette games more interesting.
  • Baccarat: This high-roller staple can be played for smaller stakes at live dealer casinos. It works well in this format by using a one-to-many betting system. The dealers handle the complex dealing rules. You are free to bet on “player,” “banker” or “tie.” Note that the tie bet is effectively a side bet with a tremendous edge in favor of the house.
  • 3 Card Poker: The first of many casino poker variations is a simple game, which is played one-to-many (everyone bets on the same hand). There are two bets, with the pairs plus side bet being a vital part of enjoying the game by experienced players. The main game has a relatively simple strategy, with bigger payouts for better-ranked poker hands.
  • Ultimate Texas Hold ’em: Commonly known as UTH, this casino poker game is played one-to-many. You have three betting opportunities, “pre-flop,” “on the flop” or “on the turn.” Each time, the number of units you can bet decreases. Expect big swings in this entertaining game, along with side bets that pay well for the strongest poker hands.
  • Caribbean Stud: This game was the original casino poker game from live venues. Again, this is played in a one-to-many format. You are dealt five cards and will see one of the dealer’s five cards before you act. Your choice is then to bet (doubling your ante) or to fold. An optional side bet will pay big money if you are lucky enough to be dealt a royal flush.
  • Casino Hold’em: The popular casino poker variation is again one-to-many. This card game is loosely based on Texas Hold’em. All players are dealt two cards. “The flop” (three community cards) is dealt before players decide whether to fold or bet either 1x or 2x their ante. This game frequently features a side bet based on making a pair of aces, or better, “by the river.”

Pros of live dealer casino games

Casino games where you play against software still exist. When online casinos come to Tennessee, you will have the choice of both formats. There are some great reasons to play both.

  • Social: No other online casino game format allows you to interact with the dealer and other players. While these can’t compare with the social interactions at a real casino, it’s a lot more interactive than the software-based games.
  • Visibly Fair: While the software-based games at regulated state casinos have deals that are tested as fair, many players still have their doubts. If you play a live dealer game, you’ll see the deck being cut (after an automated shuffle) and dealt. This will dispel any underlying worries that the games are fair.
  • Real Casino Experience: Graphics on software games are excellent these days, though still not good enough to re-create the experience you’d get at a real casino. Live dealer games are viewed from the exact angles you’d see if you were sitting at the table.
  • Bigger Choice: More variations of blackjack, roulette and casino poker are possible with the software games. These don’t need paid dealers, so there’s no need to stick to the most popular titles.
  • Smaller Stakes: Live dealer casinos often have higher minimum bets than the software-based equivalents. Again, this comes down to the lower overhead. You can bet on many software casino table games for as little as 50 cents per hand.
  • No Risk of Timeout: With live dealer games, timing out or disconnecting can mean your hand is folded (or you stand). With software games, though, there is no rush. You can take a break and then come back and make a betting decision at your leisure.

Wrapping up: Tennessee live dealer casinos

The best shot at live dealer casino games becoming available in Tennessee is for the rollout of online sportsbooks to be a success. Tax revenues from betting in other states have been enormous. This success could then lead to future bills seeking to expand the types of online gambling available and include poker and casino table games.